Ardika AOC Ossau-Iraty


Ardika AOC Ossau-Iraty

Ardika AOC Ossau-Iraty is an unpasteurised cheese produced in the Basque region, using the traditional method of this farming region

  • A great success for the 17 Souletin shepherds who produce this raw sheep's milk cheese in accordance with specifications more stringent than those strictly required for Ossau Irate AOC. The sheep are not fed with silage and graze in the fields every day, no GMF, limited production
  • It is uncooked, pressed cheese matured for a minimum of 6 months; natural rind
  • Soft and creamy, it is fruity with a slight nutty flavour
  • Ingredients: raw sheep's milk
  • Sizes: whole cheese (around 2.200g), half cheese (around 1.100g), quarter cheese (around 550g)

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