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Bar Le Duc White Currant Jam - 100g -

Bar Le Duc White Currant Jam - 100g

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Bar Le Duc White Currant Jam, the "caviar" of the jam world! For six hundred years whitecurrants have been hand seeded using a goose feather quill to make this jam unique in the world

  • Amber in colour, this sweet "caviar" is best savoured by the spoonful. Also perfect with game and foie gras. You can spice up sauces to accompany meat and fish dishes or with a vanilla ice cream sprinkled with flaked almonds. Simply gorgeous!
  • One look at this ‘jewel encased in a glass goblet' is enough to make anyone's mouth water and it will come as no surprise that such a lovely, magical product has an equally fascinating history
  • For many hundreds of years the town of Bar-le-Duc has been world famous for its white currant jams made with currants hand-seeded with a feather quill. Since 1344 nothing has changed in the way the fruit is carefully and patiently prepared by the ladies locally known as "épépineuses" (seeders)
  • Size: Box of 1, 2, 4 and 12 jars of 100g each

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