Bergamote de Nancy Candies


Bergamote de Nancy Candies

Bergamote de Nancy is one of the most famous sweets of France. Deliciously scented with a fine amber colour and its unique taste, Bergamot de Nancy is a very fine confectionery

  • Flavoured with essential bergamot oil, these deliciously tangy, amber-coloured, translucent candies, with their distinctive flat, square shape, are made according to ancestral methods
  • Bergamot belongs to the Rutaceae plant family and is today mainly cultivated in the Italian region of Calabria. Its origins are still up for debate; while some botanists believe the fruit to be a cross between bitter orange and lime, others think it is a hybrid accidentally stemming from a lemon tree. Natural aromas are extracted from the peel of bergamot oranges
  • Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, natural flavour of bergamot. No coloring
  • Awarded Protected Geographical Origin (PGI) status in 1996
  • Size: 100g Bag, 100g Tin

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