Black Truffle Mix for Scrambled Eggs


Black Truffle Mix for Scrambled Eggs

Experience culinary sophistication with our Black Truffle Mix for Scrambled Eggs. This rare and exquisite blend of ingredients adds an unmistakable layer of luxurious flavour to your favorite breakfast dish. Enjoy a symphony of taste that only a black truffle mix can bring

  • Beat 5 eggs in a large bowl, mix in the ingredients from the jar then cook for a few minutes, stirring all the time. And that’s it, a delicious dish of truffle-flavoured scrambled eggs! Serve on two plates, with green salad enhanced with a drizzle of black truffle flavoured olive oil
  • Ingredients: Winter truffle (15%) preparation for scrambled eggs. UHT cream 55%, water, winter truffles (Tuber brumale, Tuber Melanosporum) 15%, rice starch, salt, black pepper
  • Size: 50g Jar for 2 people

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