Black Truffle Pieces Gift Box


Black Truffle Pieces Gift Box

These delicious chunks of sheer excellence in taste are pieces of whole black truffles. We recommend them with game, red meat and poultry dishes, as well as with fish

  • These truffle pieces are already cooked. To preserve all their natural aromas, add them at the very last minute (juice included) to your hot preparations and sauces
  • Also known as the "Perigord truffle" more than 85% of the French production actually comes from Provence
  • A perfect addition to sauces for fish, meat, game or poultry dishes. Also use on eggs! 
  • Keep in a cupboard away from heat. Once opened, keep in the fridge for few days
  • Ingredients: back winter truffle melanosporum, truffle juice, salt
  • Size: 15g Jar in a gift box

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