Bleu des Causses AOC


Bleu des Causses AOC

Produced in the Languedoc region of Southern France, Bleu des Causses is made from raw milk from the Montbeliarde and Aubrac breeds of cow. It was granted AOC (name protected) status in 1979

  • Bleu des Causses bears many similarities to Blue d'Auvergne, although Bleu des Causses usually has a slightly softer texture, a creamier mouthfeel, and more peppery, spicy flavours
  •  Bleu des Causses mature in humid caves for at least a month to promote good blueing and develop a thin grey natural rind
  • Flavours are assertive but not harsh. There are hints of grass and clover, especially in summer cheeses. The richness of the milk balances out the peppery and spicy notes of the blue mould, resulting in a complex, rounded and long lasting finish
  • Ingredients: whole cow's milk
  • Size: 300g, 600g, 1.2kg (Full wheel) Approximate weight, cut on order

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