Cancoillotte - 240g


Cancoillotte - 240g

The most versatile of cheeses, Cancoillotte is a runny French cheese made in Franche-Comté

  • The Metton cheese used to make Cancoillotte comes from skimmed milk, which is coagulated, thinly cut, and heated to a maximum of 60˚C, pressed, pounded, and then ripened for a few days. Cancoillotte is made by melting the Metton in a little water or milk over a low heat and adding salt and butter
  • The result is a faintly cheesy, smooth sauce or paste which can be consumed hot or cold as a dip, a topping, a soup, or a breakfast porridge, as one wishes
  • Ingredients: whole cow's milk
  • Flavours: Plain, Garlic
  • Size: 240g
  • On pre-order with around 1 week lead time

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