Charolais AOC - 250g


Charolais AOC - 250g

Charolais AOC Cheese is an exceptional goat’s cheese named after the area of Burgundy around the town of Charles. Surrounded by permanent grasslands and many farms, it is the pride of Burgundy!

  • This cylindrical, slightly rounded cheese, weighing around 230g after 16 days of maturing (minimum for AOC certification), measures 7 cm in height with a diameter of 6 cm minimum
  • Coated in a thin ivory-beige to bluish rind, it has a light goat aroma and a bouquet of dried fruit. Its soft, creamy, nutty centre is filled with plant aromas (hay, fresh straw, grass) that evolve with the maturing process, leading to a distinct flavour of undergrowth and mushrooms
  • AOC-certified since 2010
  • Ingredients: Whole unpasteurized goat’s milk
  • Size: Around 250g

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