Creme de Marrons (Chestnut Cream) - 1kg


Creme de Marrons (Chestnut Cream) - 1kg

Founded in 1896, Corsiglia specialises in the production of candied chestnuts, chestnuts in syrup, paste and cream, as well as candied fruits. The selection of ingredients is stringent, making the reputation of the brand

  • Creme de Marrons is a confection with a supple and smooth texture made with the pulp of sweet chestnuts, candied with cane sugar and subtly flavoured with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean
  • This delectable thick and smooth Creme de Marrons on toast is a favorite in France, as is eating it straight from the jar! It also goes well with ice cream, yogurt or to make puddings
  • Size: 1kg Tin

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