Dark Hazelnut Spread with Summer Truffle


Dark Hazelnut Spread with Summer Truffle

Indulge in the alluring taste of our Dark Hazelnut Spread with Summer Truffle, the perfect alluring balance of nutty and truffle flavours. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this decadent spread offers a luxurious and exclusive experience that can't be matched. Enjoy a truly sophisticated flavour with a creamy texture

  • Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fats (oils : sunflower, pomace, safflower, and cocoa butter), 20% hazelnuts, 15% fat reduced cocoa powder, 2,1% dried summer truffles (99,4% Tuber aestivum summer truffles, salt), natural flavour, emulsifier : E322 - soja lecithin. May contain traces of Peanuts, Other nuts, Milk, Gluten
  • Do not refrigerate
  • Size: 30g, 100g Jar

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