Diamond Salt Crystals


Diamond Salt Crystals

Coming from a gem, this salt owes its intense blue colour to its richness in sylvinite. Harvested by hand in Iran, this salt is rare and precious. Prefer to use it at the end of cooking to preserve its aromas and original colour

  • The dry texture makes the Persian Blue Salt perfect for milling
  • Persian Blue Salt can be used anywhere, like a classic salt! Its aromas go perfectly with seafood and fish, but also with traditional dishes such as homemade mash, steak or a slice of foie gras
  • The history of Persian Blue Salt dates back 100 million years. Extracted from the oldest salt mines in the world, in the heart of the Persian Empire in Iran, this salt with its particular colour is a real gem. This salt was formed thanks to the movement of tectonic plates which locked underground the water which was on the surface, thus forming this exceptional salt with a high sylvinite content which gives it its original intense blue colour
  • Size: 280g Jar, 1kg Bag

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