Dried Morel Mushrooms (Morilles)


Dried Morel Mushrooms (Morilles)

The Morel has a hazelnut flavour with a rich earthy aroma. Its bouquet and its rarity make one of the most popular mushrooms for gastronomes. There are several varieties of morels, but Morchella Conica is most soughtafter by gourmets because of its amazing flavour

  • Dried Morels have a more intense, smokier flavour than fresh varieties and have the advantage of being available all year round
  • Tasting: use in a risotto, or in a cream sauce, in particular with poultry
  • Soak to rehydrate for 1-2 hours and rinse well before use. Morel mushrooms need to be heated/cooked before consumption
  • Ingredients: Morels (morchella conica)
  • Size: 25g, 50g, 125g and 500g jars (plastic PET)
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More Info

 Dried Morels, the ultimate mushroom flavour

  • The morel is one of the most coveted mushrooms among foodies, and for good reason: it’s a rare mushroom with exceptional aromas.
  • Morels are harvested between April and June and those harvests can vary greatly from year to year depending on the weather, sunlight, etc
  • We only offer dried morels and we have a very specific reason for that: they are dried immediately after harvest, preserving all of their flavours.
  • When dried, morels can be stored for a very long time while maintaining all of their flavours and aromas. As such, we can guarantee a product of excellent quality that can be stored for a long time.
  • The morel species that we offer is Morchella conica, the wild morel, which is one of the most sought-after species.
  • Its cap has a conical shape and can grow to between 6 and 12 cm. It has an irregular brown to blackish-brown honeycomb pattern. The stalk is hollow and can grow to as much as 12 cm

Dried over a wood fore and carefully sorted

  • Our morels are dried on a bed of straw over a fire just after harvesting. This preserves all of their flavours, while adding a delicious smoky side to them.
  • Once the morels have been harvested and dried, we treat them with very special care:
  1. The morels are first stored in a cold room to eliminate any insects or small parasites.
  2. After that, they go through a metal detector. Since morels are hollow mushrooms, it’s not unusual to find any number of small objects in them (pebbles, metal, etc.).
  3. Then, they go through two X-ray machines to eliminate any unwanted objects.
  4. Finally, they are sorted, mostly by hand, particularly to sort them by size: mini, small, etc

Rule to follow when cooking with dried morels

Dried morels are very easy to cook, you just have to follow a few rules.

  • First, after you’ve removed them from their packaging, we recommend that you give them a shake in a colander to remove any sand.
  • Next, they should be rehydrated in warm water for 45 minutes.
    Note that when rehydrated, the morels will grow to 3.5 times their size when dried. So, for 10 grammes of dried morels, you’ll have 35 grammes of rehydrated morels. This is important to know when measuring how much you’ll use in your recipes.
  • Once they’ve been rehydrated, rinse them well again to make sure that all traces of sand have been removed.
  • Finally, it’s imperative that you cook the morels over high heat once they’ve been rehydrated because they are toxic when raw: cooking eliminates this toxicity.
  • Once they’re well cooked, you can enjoy them however you please: in a sauce, accompanying poultry, in a gratin, etc
  • You can save the liquid left over from rehydrating your morels. You can then use it as a base for sauces, for example. This will add a unique touch of morel to your creations. Before using it, pass the morel juice through a coffee filter. This will remove any sand

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