Dried Mushrooms Gift Set


Dried Mushrooms Gift Set

Experience the exquisite flavours of mushroom cuisine with this distinguished Dried Mushrooms Gift Set. Featuring a trio of the finest porcini, chanterelles and black trumpet mushrooms, each one has been carefully selected to deliver a refined, gourmet touch to your cuisine. Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of mushroom cooking with this exquisite gift set

  • Our Dried Porcini, Black Trumpet and Chanterelle Mushrooms will add an original gourmet touch to all your dishes such as omelets, meat in sauce, risottos...

  • The Dried Mushrooms Gift Set includes:
- 1 Jar of Dried Porcini: They deliver a rich hearty taste and a soft nutty flavour
- 1 Jar of Black Trumpet: Considered a great delicacy, being one of the most soughtafter choices of wild edible mushrooms
- 1 Jar of Chanterelle: Slightly soft, it has a fruity flavour and aroma
  • Soak/rehydrate them for 1-2 hours and carefully rinse them
  • Size: 25g each

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