Farmhouse Ardi Gasna Sheep's Cheese


Farmhouse Ardi Gasna Sheep's Cheese

This extremely rare farmhouse Ardi Gasna cheese, a typical product from the Basque mountains, is produced in the valley of Behorleguy in the best tradition of the Basque shepherds. Ardi Gasna means sheep's cheese in Basque

  • Hard texture and rich taste. The flavours are clean and fresh, with a nutty taste. As the cheese ages, it strikes a perfect balance between sharpness and mildness
  • It is uncooked, pressed hard cheese matured from 4 to 6 months
  • Ingredients: unpasteurised sheep's milk
  • Sizes: whole cheese (around 1900g), half cheese (around 950g), quarter cheese (around 475g)

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