Fine Lavender Terrine - 200g


Fine Lavender Terrine 200g, a tasty journey in Provence thanks to the fine lavender flower harvested in the Haut Verdon!

Our terrines have been prepared following secret recipes handed down from generation to generation. They are all made by hand and the jars are filled manually with a fork. All the ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure the best quality and flavour. Perfect for gourmets!

  • The lavender terrine is made out of pork meat, chicken liver and wild lavender flowers. Wild Lavender, which has a much subtler flavour than the normal "blue farmed lavender", is a rare plant that has to be collected in the foothills of the Lure Mountain at 1,800 meters altitude during the month of August. A speciality indeed!
  • Serve chilled. After opening, keep refrigerated for up to 5 days
  • Ingredients: Pork meat, pork liver, poultry liver, salt, spices, fine lavender from Provence 0.2%, Lavender liqueur 0.25%
  • Homemade gluten-free terrine, no eggs, no additives
  • Size: 200g jar

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