Floc de Gascogne Rose - 70cl


Floc de Gascogne Rose - 70cl

The history of Floc de Gascogne is closely linked to Domaine Chateau Garreau. From an old recipe, Floc de Gascogne was officially created in 1974 on the estate by Charles Garreau, who became 1st President of the Syndicate of Floc Producers of Gascony. The Floc de Gascogne, AOC since 1990, derives its exquisite taste from the blend of a young Armagnac and the best of white or red grape must. Over the years, it has become a staple drink in the South-West

  • Floc de Gascogne is produced by blending two-thirds fermented grape juice with one-third Armagnac; The matured wine must be fortified for at least 9 months
  • Tasting: A ruby and brilliant colour. A nose on the red fruit whose flavours of cassis and raspberry explode in the mouth
  • Should be served chilled usually as an aperitif or dessert drink
  • Alcohol: 17%
  • Size: 70cl
  • Note: Alcohol abuse can be dangerous to health

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