Gift Pack Whole Duck Foie Gras 130g + Fig Chutney - Silver Medal


Gift Pack Whole Duck Foie Gras 130g + Fig Chutney - Silver Medal

For the discerning food connoisseur, this opulent luxury gift pack is an ideal treat. Featuring a sumptuous whole duck foie gras accompanied by a luscious fig chutney, each set is adorned with a silver medal, making it the perfect gift for a special occasion. Enjoy an exquisite culinary experience like no other

  • Awarded a Silver Medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2017, this foie gras is cooked the traditional way using the best duck foie gras, seasoned only with salt, pepper and spices
  • Like good wines, the product must be kept away from light and heat and will improve with the years
  • Store in a fridge 6 hours before serving
  • Ingredients: duck foie gras, salt, pepper and spices. Fig chutney separate. No additives, no preservatives, no alcohol
  • And for fans of jars, a rustic and inviting presentation!
  • Shelf life: 4 years in a cool and dry place
  • Size: 130g jar (serves 2/3) + 110g jar of fig chutney
  • Maison Lafitte has supplied the greatest chefs of France and the world with Gourmet Duck and Goose liver Foie Gras since the 1920s
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