Knife Sharpening Steel


Knife Sharpening Steel

Knife Sharpening Steel, a must-have in your kitchen! Perfect kitchen tool for sharpening the blades of your steel knives

  • Ourl grade Sharpening makes it simple to regularly hone your knives blades at the correct angle along the whole edge maintaining optimum cutting performance
  • With suspension ring
  • Handle: Varnished Wood
  • Drill Length: 20cm and 30cm

More Info

  • The grinding is made with a magnetized steel with a 25cm long bit and a hilt
  • Wether it is round, oval or flat, you will do the same movements
  • The movement is identical to the one with the whetstone. Going from the top of the bit with the bottom of the knife's blade do as if you wished to cut the steel towards the hilt
  • Do this movement again alternating one size of the blade with the other

Grinding a knife  with a bit

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