Les Princesses de Venise, Eau de Parfum - 100ml

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Les Princesses de Venise, Eau de Parfum - 100ml

The Princess of Venice is a fresh, positive fragrance, dedicated to lively and youthful women. It opens with aromas of Brazilian orange, black currant, pineapple, melon, cloves, adding aromas of Champaka, Egyptian orange blossom, jasmine, black currant buds, and finishing with sandalwood, raspberry, Moroccan iris and pistachio wood. For young, vivacious women, the Joy Tree sparkles with happiness. It is one of the richest sources of positive energy, combining the freshness of spring with the exoticism of a Venetian Princess performing a strip tease

  • Romea d'Ameor is a French house founded by Annie Vannier. Their collection is inspired by women who had an important role in the history, attracted attention with their charm, charisma and certainly, beauty. The whole collection was created in cooperation with perfumer Pierre Bourdon, who signed numerous famous editions. Each of the presented perfumes is dedicated to a different woman from the history, who was given one unusual and exciting flower of the composition, which symbolizes her temperament and seductiveness
  • Fragrance notes:

- Top: Brazilian orange, Grapefruit, Cassis, Pineapple, Melon, Clove
- Heart: Pine, Orange blossom, Egyptian jasmine, Blackcurrant
- Base: Sandal, Iris, Joy tree, Raspberry, Amber, Musk

  • Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray
  • Presented in an elegant box, the bottle is shaped like a thin amphora. A red ribbon is tied around the neck

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 Venice 1721. Famous choirs from all over Europe are arriving to compete in a contest held in memory of the inventor of opera, the late Claudio Monteverdi. The morning is mild, and the water-filled city is bathed in an atmosphere of early spring. Venetian choirs have worked all year preparing for the event and the young girls who have been educated to the very highest level in music nevertheless rehearse tirelessly; there is not a balcony or parlour that has not been transformed into a concert hall. One morning Antonio Vivaldi, on his way to the San Angelo theatre, was drawn to the sound of laughter and music from a palace at the edge of the canal. The following day the violin master identified the exact source of the music and was so enchanted that he imagined angels must live in the palace as he stood beneath its windows in order to delight in the charming melodies. The day of the concert arrived and he had no difficulty recognizing the choir, led by a pretty young woman wearing a bunch of grenadines on her ear and who kept time with such grace. The maestro knew the music by heart, but what struck him most was the surprising freshness of the perfume that the young musicians wore. The music and the perfume were in such perfect harmony that the jury awarded first prize to the girls and from that day on they were known as the Princesses of Venice. A few weeks later, Vivaldi could still conjure up in his memory that blend of orange blossom, blackcurrant and raspberry and he began at once to compose his most famous of concertos, beginning with Spring. To relive the carefree joy of this era, all we must do is let ourselves be led with our eyes shut by that unique perfume worn by the Venetian princesses


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