Montbeliard Sausage, Pack of 6

Montbeliard  a town located in Franche Comté offering sausages benefiting from a quality marque. Pork is combined with other ingredients to create this sausage, a little shorter than its Morteau cousin.
  • The product is hand-made in traditional manner by local artisans with a passion for their work. The meat comes from happy local animals that are free range and fed a natural diet. The pork meat caries the PGI label which ensures that designated standards are respected when it comes to raising the animals
  • The Montbeliard sausage is smoked over pine, spruce and juniper for a period of 10 to 24 hours in huge chimneys called "tuyé", bringing additional flavours to this Franche Comté gastronomic product
  • The sausage is characterised by a strong smoky flavour
  • Outstanding when cooked in boiling water for around 20 min. Can be eaten hot or cold (after cooking). Goes wonderfully well with potatoes, casserole, ham and Comté cheese. Also delicious served hot on a bed of salad
  • On pre-order with around 1 week lead time
  • Size: Pack of 6, around 150g each

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