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French Morel Terrine 200g Jar

Morel Terrine - 200g

  • £825

Our Terrines have been prepared following secret recipes transmitted from generation to generation. They are all made by hand and the jars are filled manually with a fork. All the ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure the quality and savour of the product. Perfect product for gourmets

  • The Morel Terrine is a classic among terrines. The Morel peculiar savour combines perfectly with pork meat
  • The Terrines will keep their best flavour if they are chilled one hour before tasting. Serve with some country bread or as a starter with green salad.
  • Free from artificial colours or additives.The absence of added colours and additives can cause a colour change of the Terrine few hours after opening, which does not alter the taste properties at all
  • Size: 200g Jar

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