Organic Argan Oil Deodorant - 50ml


Organic Argan Oil Deodorant - 50ml

A luxurious 100% natural formulation to protect and repair the prejudiced area. With no aluminium salt, the Argan Oil Deodorant provides all day protection and freshness and leaves the skin feeling restored and hydrated

  • Very rich in essential fatty acids and E vitamin, Organic Argan Oil is traditionally known for its nourishing, revitalising and anti wrinkle properties. It fights against skin drying up, softens the epidermis and prevents cutaneous ageing. It is efficient in regenerating and nourishing and revitalising hair and to strengthen nails
  • Use: Daily on a clean and dry skin
  • Main component: Organic argan oil, organic essential oil of rosemary, orange blossom and peppermint and organic water flower of orange blossom. 98.4% of the total ingredients are of natural origins and 42.2% of the total ingredients come from organic ingredients
  • Tested under medical control - Free from parabens, artificial colouring - No animal testing
  • Size: 50ml

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