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Organic Espelette Chili Pepper Powder AOP - 40g -

Organic Espelette Chili Pepper Powder AOP - 40g

  • £980

Product Description

Due to its delicate spicy taste and amazing flavour, Organic Espelette Chili Pepper is famous all over the world. It has become an essential ingredient to the Basque cuisine

  • Left to air drying for a long time, then dried in the oven, the Espelette Chili Pepper is crushed then canned in glass jars
  • Its beautiful red colour and its flavours provide a fine, expressively happy touch to all kinds of food. Just like the most famous "Chefs", don't think twice and use it in your everyday kitchen!
  • The AOP (Designation of Protected Origin) seal on the jar certifies its origin as pure Piment d'Espelette              
  • Ingredients: 100% Organic Dried Espelette Chili Peppers
  • Size: 40g jar

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