Petite Epine Purse

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Petite Epine Purse

Made from recycled tyre inner tubes, the Purse makes a great and original gift which is phenomenally durable! It can fold in half in order to fit in your pocket easily

  • Apart from some small designs cut with “cookie cutters” and custom made, all cuts are made by hand with scissors, piece by piece, in order to place tags, patches and the aspect variations that will give the playful and decorative detail of the product, making all of them unique
  • Lightweight, very strong and waterproof
  • Colours: Anise and purple
  • Diameter: 11cm
  • Handmade, each piece is unique

More Info

  • Inner tubes are found in scrap yards and pneumatic garages
  • Cleaning is done in four manual steps and requires a full day of work to properly degrease and disinfect the material to regain its original appearance
  • A year of research was needed to find a method that does not pollute
  • All creations are sewn with a shoemaker sewing machine, no glue used
  • The average amount of time to make a bag is 20 hours

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