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Raclette Cheese -

Raclette Cheese

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Our Raclette cheese is still made following ancient traditions in copper tanks and matured slowly on spruce boards. A very traditional product; out of the ordinary!

  • This mountain cheese is made with whole and unpasteurised milk. It owes its name to the way it has been consumed for such a long time. Raclette is a cheese which liberates all the flavour of raw milk from mountain pastures
  • This cheese is, of course best eaten as the traditional Raclette dish. Cut in the middle, its halves can be melted and then "scraped" and spread over hot potatoes and charcuterie
  • Ingredients: whole cow's milk
  • Size: 200g, 400g, 800g, 1kg, 3kg (Half a Wheel). Approximate weight; cut on order (For a Raclette, you need around 200g per person). If you require a different weight, please do contact us at
  • Standard UK delivery from £3.50

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