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Raspberry Vinegar - 250ml -

Raspberry Vinegar - 250ml

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Raspberry Vinegar - 250ml

Huilerie Beaujolaise offers 100% natural virgin oils and fine vinegars using artisanal methods and the best ingredients available. They provide their customers, including Michelin-starred chefs, with fine products that exhude flavour

  • This Raspberry Vinegar is made with real raspberry juice; a perfect balance between the vinegar's acidity and the fruity freshness of sun-ripened raspberries
  • Enhance the flavour of raw vegetables or to deglaze foie gras. Add it to cakes or puddings, particularly those made with summer fruits
  • Ingredients: concentrated raspberry juice, raspberry vinegar, sugar
  • No preservatives, no chemicals
  • Size: 25cl bottle
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