Roasted Sweet Almond Virgin Oil - 250ml


Roasted Sweet Almond Virgin Oil - 250ml

Discover a new level of flavour and aroma with our Roasted Sweet Almond Virgin Oil. Unrefined and carefully sourced, this bottle of rich, nutty oil is ideal for enhancing the complexity of dishes with its subtly sweet and aromatic taste. An exquisite oil for those in search of a luxurious culinary experience

  • Our roasted sweet almond oil is extremely aromatic and is made from purely ground, roasted and pressed almonds.
  • Fine balanced flavour that lends itself to both sweet and savoury dishes. Very good used in a marinade for salmon with dill (gravlax). Also excellent as a dressing on scallops, pasta, trout, chicken or lamb
  • Rich in protein and mineral salts. A good source of vitamin A and B
  • Ingredients: 100% sweet almond (Note: potential allergen)
  • No preservatives, no chemicals
  • Size: 25cl bottle
  • Huilerie Beaujolaise offers 100% artisanal natural virgin oils made in a traditional mill in Rhone Valley. Each of the oils is built around a single ingredient, delivering  a pure and intense flavour
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