Sardines in Organic Colza Oil - 115g


Sardines in Organic Colza Oil - 115g

Tantalize your taste buds with our 115g tin of sardines in organic colza oil. Our carefully sourced, premium quality sardines have been sustainably harvested and delicately packed in a rich, fragrant oil for an exquisitely succulent texture. Indulge with the finest ingredients

  • This homemade recipe, in the pure Brittany tradition, is made from fresh sardines caught on the coast of Brittany. They are filleted by hand, finely cut with scissors and placed in tins with an organic colza oil oil for an unbeatable flavour and texture
  • Enjoy cold as an accompaniment to salads or just on a slice of bread and butter
  • Sardines are a popular fish, known to possess a wide range of health benefits; natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, rich in protein and a rich source of bone-building vitamin D
  • Ingredients: sardines 78%, organic colza oil, salt
  • Free of preservatives or chemical additives to ensure their natural flavour. No added salt
  • Size: 115g Tin

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