Saucisson Sec - Bull - 200g


Saucisson Sec - Bull - 200g

Salami, traditionally hand–made by local artisans with a passion for their work in Rhone-Alpe region. The meat comes from happy local animals that are free range and fed a natural diet

  • Exceptionally well-made cured saucisson with high quality meat, the right amount of fat, all natural guts and with precision spicing that comes from years of experience
  • With the addition of bull meat, this saucisson has a delicious texture with added earthiness!
  • The pork meat has the PGI label which ensures that designated standards are respected when it comes to raising the animals
  • Store in a dry and ventilated environment, preferably at 18˚C maximum, normally in a cellar (the traditional way)
  • Size: around 200g

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