Torrified Avola Almonds Dragees


Torrified Avola Almonds Dragees

These Dragees,  with a crisp roasted Avola almond wich has a surprising and delicious roasted flavour, make your day even more special with their elegance and are a precious token to share with your loved ones. Suitable for all ceremonies and occasions

  • Avolas, the best dragees of the world. Collected in Sicily, these almonds are the finest ones. High attention is given to the length of the almond
  • Roasted Avola almond Caliber 37/38 with 50% almond
  • Ingredients: Almonds 50%, sugar, glucose syrup, thickening-gelling: arabic gum, gelatin, artificial flavor, colorants according to colours : E102*, E110*, E122*, E124*, E131, E132, E171
  • Keep away from light
  • Available in plain white and assortment
  • Size: 200g and 500g Bag

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