Truffle Dinner Trio Gift Set


Truffle Dinner Trio Gift Set

Indulge your taste buds with our Truffle Dinner Trio Gift Set. Crafted with premium ingredients, this exquisite set will delight the senses with its sophisticated blend of flavours. Enjoy luxurious truffle delights, all expertly combined for a truly decadent culinary experience. Come experience gourmet dining at its finest with this exclusive truffle trio

  • Truffle Dinner Trio Gift Set includes:
- 30g Jar Black Truffle Peelings
- 30g Jar Black Truffle Breakings
- 50g Jar Black Truffle Extra Juice
  • The black truffle peelings will bring an unequalled taste to your mashed potatoes, risottos and pasta. The black truffle breakings and juice will go better with meat dishes, sauces and stocks, and scrambled eggs
  • These products are already cooked. To preserve their natural aromas, add them at the very last minute (juice included) to your hot preparations and sauces

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