Vacherin Mont d'Or


Vacherin Mont d'Or

The king of cheeses! Vacherin Mont d'Or AOC is a cheese from the Franche-Comté region, made from cow's milk produced from 15th August to 31st March. There are strict rules for the production of this AOC cheese. The raw milk can only be from the cows of the Montbéliard and Simmentaler breeds

  • Our Mont d'Or supplier has been the most awarded supplier of Mont d'Or over the years
  • To shape the Mont d'Or, it is ripened on a spruce board, taking at least three weeks, and is rotated several times before it is placed in its characteristic wooden box
  • Rich and extremely creamy, it needs to be eaten when it's ripe and runny. It is traditionally served hot but can also be enjoyed cold on the cheeseboard served with a spoon
  • Ingredients: whole cow's milk
  • Size: 400g and 800g

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