Violet Garlic of Cadours - 1kg Tresse


Violet Garlic of Cadours - 1kg Tresse

Some 60 miles west of the city of Toulouse, situated in rolling hills and within sight of the snow-capped Pyrenees, lies the village of Cadours, home of the world-renowned Violet Garlic

  • This garlic is normally harvested at the end of June each year and then dried in either fields or large barns for  2 weeks. It remains edible usually for 6 months if kept in a dry, cool place. However, it is not unusual for it to remain edible well into the following year. Do not store in a fridge
  • Particularly delicious roasted with chicken or lamb, its flavour will enhance the simplest meal without imposing an overpowering "garlicky" taste. Ideally it should be thought of as a vegetable, rather than a condiment
  • Size: 1kg string, between 10-12 good sized violet garlic bulbs, typically 55mm or larger

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