Whole Black Winter Truffle Extra


Whole Black Winter Truffle Extra

Our Black Winter Truffle Extra is a truffle of excellent quality with a regular round shape, harvested when perfectly mature. Preserved in a jar, it comes with its juice; to be used particularly in sauces

  • Also known as the "Perigord truffle" more than 85% of the French production actually comes from Provence
  • The Whole Black Winter Truffle Extra, (tuber melanosporum), is available all year long
  • A perfect addition to sauces for fish, meat, game or poultry dishes. Also use on eggs! 
  • Keep in a cupboard away from heat. Once opened, keep in the fridge for few days
  • Ingredients: back winter truffle melanosporum, truffle juice, salt
  • Size: 15g Jar

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