Laguiole Cutlery Canteen 24 Pieces Mixed Wood, Prestige Collection


Laguiole Cutlery Canteen 24 Pieces Mixed Wood, Prestige Collection

This exquisite Cutlery Canteen 24 Pieces, featuring a wood handle, is a pure work of art, a luxurious dining accessory. Wood is a natural material presenting lot of shades, those shades are beautiful and one handle is unique. Authenticity, refinement and excellence, the Laguiole has become an international cult object of high design significance synonymous with the art of living well

The Laguiole table cutlery set helps you to create stylish place settings with 6 handles kinds of wood: each of your guests will have a different species of wood in their hands. It is possible to build up your set of Laguiole table cutlery gradually over several years (we do not discontinue our products)

  • Each product with its distinctive bee symbol and carved metal decoration is handmade from start to finish by one master craftsman: one man, one product
  • The quality of the finish, the thickness of the bolsters and plates, as well as the accuracy of the calibration are the elements that contribute to its longevity
  • The 24 Piece Set includes:

- 6 Table Knives
- 6 Table Forks
- 6 Table Spoons
- 6 Tea Spoons

  • Shaping and finish of Handle: Mixed Wood (letterwood, rosewood, kingwood, boxwood, juniper, green oak, ebony, bulnesia, walnut, olive wood, palm tree, pistachio) wider handle (Prestige range)
  • Bolsters: 2 Matt or 2 Polished Stainless Steel Bolsters
  • Blade: High grade stainless steel; does not oxidise
  • Delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee
  • Care: Avoid washing in water, wipe blade clean
  • Size: Wooden Box with 24 Piece
  • Made in the village of Laguiole, France
  • You must be over 18 years of age to purchase this product

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